Primary Theory | Primary Theory is a creative agency.
Primary Theory is a creative agency that partners with companies to develop and nurture impactful stories. We believe thoughtful design solutions overcome complex challenges and drive change.
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A creative agency focused on developing and nurturing authentic stories.

Pri•ma•ry: (adjective) original; first or highest in rank or importance.

The•o•ry: (noun) a belief or principle that guides action or assists comprehension or judgment.

We are passionate about helping customers tell authentic, impactful stories across mediums.

We believe 1) design should communicate with clear purpose to solve problems and 2) creative solutions overcome complex challenges to drive change.

We deliver our stories through:

•  Creative Strategy + Concept

•  Brand Building + Identity + Launching

•  Integrated Marketing + Execution

“The team at Primary Theory never fails to amaze.  They hit the ground running on day one, tackling tight deadlines and creative challenges without skipping a beat. … they are our go-to agency for nearly every project and serve not only as a creative extension of our team but also as strategic advisors.”

Katherine H., Communications Manager, Rubicon Global