Primary Theory | Primary Theory is a creative agency.
Primary Theory is a creative agency that partners with companies to develop and nurture impactful stories. We believe thoughtful design solutions overcome complex challenges and drive change.
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A creative agency focused on developing and nurturing authentic stories.

Design with purpose.

Pri•ma•ry: (adjective) original; first or highest in rank or importance.

The•o•ry: (noun) a belief or principle that guides action or assists comprehension or judgement.

We are passionate about helping customers tell authentic, impactful stories across mediums.

We believe 1) design should communicate with clear purpose to solve problems and 2) creative solutions overcome complex challenges to drive change.

We deliver our stories through:


•  Creative Strategy + Concept

•  Brand Building + Identity + Launching

•  Integrated Marketing + Execution

A culture of balance is paramount to delivering our best work.

We’ve built an organization of colleagues and partners bent on the intellectually curious; inspired and multi-dimensional specialists who are energized by adventure, creativity, and problem-solving.

Jeromie Neidlinger
Founder & Creative Director


Gavin Holmes
Motion Design & Visual Effects


David M. Bregande
Visual Design & Illustrator
Brent Beatty
Principal & Marketing Director


Theresa Ward
Client Strategy & Creative Lead


Alex Pope
Graphic Designer & Illustrator
Steve Tanner
Technical Director & Developer


Katherine Huded
Brand Strategist & Creative Writer


Chris Waters
Technical Support